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The Best Tours and Travel Company in Kenya

Afrika Bona Safaris & Adventures has grown from strength to strength and has become the top tours and travel Company in Kenya, with choices for various corporate organizations, Diplomatic Missions, NGOs, UN Bodies, and individual travellers who benefit from our cost-effective and unique travel programs. Because of our strong financial backing and knowledge, we can draw on a wide range of resources to suit the needs of our customers. We have gained a good reputation for the individual care and attention we provide our clients due to our hard work.
Afrika Bona Safaris & Adventures has established itself as Kenya’s leading travel agency and tour operator. Our company was founded in 2013 and we look forward to serving you for more years. 

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We Are Among The Best Tours and Travel Company in Kenya

The best tours and travel companies in kenyaExcellent Service

At Afrika Bona Safaris & Adventures, we believe that service must be maintained to maximize value for money; thus, excellent service delivery is required. Wherever there are efficiencies in service delivery, you will notice that expenses are reduced.

The best tours and travel companies in kenyaAvailable 24/7

We provide a 24-hour emergency service outside of usual business hours. We have set up special lines to provide emergency assistance. Furthermore, Senior Staff and Managers are available after hours, on weekends, and on public holidays to handle travel-related problems.


The best tours and travel companies in kenyaCustomer Experience

During our ten years of business, we have experienced substantial growth and are now acknowledged as one of  the best tours and travel companies in kenya. Our services have been tried, tested, and proven effective.

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